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It was around 1987 when the voices began. No, not those kinds of voices, but thank you for your concern. I’m not mental. Well, no more than the person next to you. Of course, he or she could be very mental. I mean, everyone has some sort of hidden agenda, right? No matter how minute.

But I digress.

I was reading fantasy novels at the time, many fantasy novels. So many that my thoughts and mental attitudes began to shift. I soon found myself wandering interactively between two dimensions. It was when those two dimensions merged that my fingers began to twitch.

I had to write, you see, because of all these words and scenes and dialogues bouncing around inside my head. There were so many things, visions if you may, clouding up my thoughts that I had to get them out, release them. So, I purchased my first computer and word processor software to free the spirits beckoning for a foothold into the real world. And they came. Pouring out of their cranial prison through my fingers and down onto the keyboard on my desk and finally into the screen where I could see them for what they were: monsters, aliens, dragons, warriors, villains, damsels in distress, and what not.

They were horrible, those creatures from the depths of my psyche. They drove me to the brink of madness, unable to say exactly what they wanted me to say. Inexperience, you see, is a monster all its own. I joined a writer’s group in Washington DC and there began to hone my craft., as well, was yet another school of magic.

With my head held high, I am proud to announce that I am still learning to this day.

Lately, I have added Science Fiction to my repertoire and it is exhilarating. 

Through the recent years I have been surprised with two Silver Honorable Mentions and one Honorable mention from the Writers of the Future Contest by L. Ron Hubbard. One day I am going to win it. Or get published trying.

Ah! The evening repast is ready now, I see. Delicately smoked beast with all the trimmings, as they say. Let us go, therefore, and make merry.

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